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Workplace Immunization Recommendations

Vaccine requirements will be specific to workplace settings.


  • Speak with your employer and your health care provider to determine what immunizations are recommended for your type of work
  • Adults who are not up to date with their immunizations are at risk for disease and passing infections on to others.

In general, we recommend that all adults receive:

  • Tdap (Adacel®/Boostrix[HM1] ®) - Adults who have not previously received Tdap (combined tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis vaccine)  at or after 18 years of age, are eligible to receive one Tdap booster dose in lieu of their Td booster
  • Td booster  (tetanus and diphtheria) every ten years
  • Flu shot every fall

You may require additional vaccinations depending upon your age, individual health status, prior immunity, childhood immunizations, or lifestyle choices.

Keep your immunization record yellow card in a safe place as your proof of your immunization history. Having an up to date record avoids additional blood tests or repeated immunization to prove your immunity.

Get the ImmunizeCA App


 Use the free ImmunizeCA app to keep track of your vaccinations.


  • Have policies in place for employees based on risk for disease within the workplace
  • Immunization recommendations for workers in Canada can be found here

Under legislation, it may be necessary for some workplaces to maintain copies of employee immunization records (e.g. Ontario Hospital Association’s Communicable Disease Surveillance Protocols). It is important for these employers to have up-to-date immunization records in case of a disease outbreak in the workplace or in the community.

Fact Sheets:



The following sites are recommended to assist you in setting up a flu clinic at your workplace:

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