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Flossing Instructions

flossing procedure 1Step 1:

Wrap the floss around the middle fingers. The floss should be approximately an arm's length or 60 cm long.


Step 2:

For the upper teeth use the index finger and the thumb to guide the floss. The thumb should be on the outside surface of the teeth.


Flossing Procedure Step 3Step 3:

Use the two index fingers for flossing the lower teeth. NOTE: The fingers guiding the floss should not be more than 2.5 cm apart.


Flossing procedure step 4

Step 4:

Gently insert floss between the teeth by moving back and forth. Do not force the floss between the teeth or press down so hard as to cause bleeding.


Step 5:

step 5step 5Gently curve the floss into a C - shape moving the floss up and down two or three times. Move the floss over to the side of the neighboring tooth and repeat.




When the working portion of the floss becomes soiled or begins to shred, advance the floss from one middle finger to the other, so that a new section of the floss is in position.





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