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What Is Thirst?

  What is Thirst?  


Thirst is not just an expression of a need to wet one’s whistle. Thirst represents the desire to quench our want for the truth about alcohol. Thirst does not reject alcohol, but rather proposes that we have the right to define it for ourselves. If we choose to drink, we can do so in a moderate way that maximizes life and minimizes harm.

Let’s face it, alcohol is associated with many harms: abuse, addiction, crime, violence and FASD to name a few. Perhaps most troubling is that alcohol increases the risk for cancer, liver disease, heart disease and stroke, even when consumed in moderate levels.


How can Thirst make a difference?

By being a part of this conversation, you may decide to make changes in your own life, the lives of your children, and the outlook of your community.

In the broadest sense, Thirst is a quest to examine the various elements that make alcohol so pervasive, and dares to question the why and how of alcohol…just because it is so – should it be so? Can there be meaningful change? Can we build a responsible and healthy culture of moderation together?

Thirst dares to ask these questions. Be part of the answer. Join the conversation.

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