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Hypoallergenic and Amino Acid-Based Infant Formula Shortage

The availability of some hypoallergenic infant formulas (e.g., Alimentum ®, Pregestimil ®, Nutramingen®, etc.) and amino acid-based formulas (e.g. Puramino) is currently limited in Canada due to supply issues in the United States. Regular infant formulas are not impacted by this shortage.

Health Canada is working on strategies to increase the availability of hypoallergenic infant formula.

If you use hypoallergenic or amino acid-based infant formula and are unable to find it for purchase, contact your healthcare provider for information about alternative feeding solutions and/or if you have questions or concerns.

Given the circumstances, some families may look for alternative sources of infant nutrition, and may benefit from the following information:

  • Homemade formulas are not recommended:
    • Homemade infant formulas are not recommended as they may not provide the proper balance of nutrients that infants need. They may also contain ingredients (and allergens) or be prepared in a manner that can result in contamination by harmful bacteria that cause serious illness.
    • Visit Safety of Homemade Infant Formulas in Canada -
  • Informal breastmilk sharing may have risks:
    • Infants who require hypoallergenic formulas may not be able to tolerate breastmilk.
    • Sharing unprocessed breastmilk obtained from private sources is not recommended and has risks which can cause your baby to become ill:
  • (Re) lactation may be an option for some families:
    • Infants who require hypoallergenic formulas may not be able to tolerate breastmilk and parents should consult with their healthcare provider first about whether (re)lactation is an option.
    • The (re)lactation process requires intensive lactation consultation/support, including support from a nutritionist and/or registered dietitian.
    • Visit our help and support webpage or for more information.

If you have questions:

  • Consult your healthcare provider.
  • Call Health Connection to speak with a public health nurse at 1-877-721-7520, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Visit Health Connect Ontario or call 811 to speak or chat online with a registered nurse or a lactation specialist.
  • Dial 211, a free helpline that connects you to community and social services in your area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in over 150 languages.

For more information:

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