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Food Handler Certification Training

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It is important to protect yourself and others from getting sick by learning safe food handling practices. The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) offers a provincially recognized Food Handler Certification Course for those who are: interested in food safety, or are currently working in a food premises, and for those who own or manage a food premises. The course is an education program developed to increase food safety awareness in food premises such as restaurants, institutions and the community. The food handler certification training allows for participants to gain necessary life skills and also assist with future employment in the food service industry.

The goal of the SMDHU Food Handler Certification Course is to train individuals, who prepare and/or serve food to the public, to become responsible food handlers by using safe food handling methods and to promote worker health and safety.

The objectives are to:

  • emphasize food safety in a fast-paced, growing industry;
  • prevent food-borne illness;
  • protect the public and workers from harm;
  • apply safe procedures for receiving, storing, preparing and serving food; and
  • reduce common errors in handling potentially hazardous foods.

How to Become Certified

  • Workshop, Self-Study or Online Options

  • Fees and Manual Options

  • How to Register

  • Languages Available

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