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Can You Feel It

The Can You Feel It? Stress Workshop

This in-class workshop is suggested for Grades 5-8. Designed by youth for youth, “Can You Feel It?” (CYFI) helps students build the necessary life skills to manage and cope with the stress in their everyday lives. This resource addresses such topics as: What is stress? How do we recognize it? and How do we cope with it?  School Health public health nurses can work with you to extend the key messages to your school community and incorporate “Can You Feel It?” as part of a comprehensive strategy to building resiliency and positive mental health.

A short clip of the video can be viewed at: (VIDEO) (adapted from Public Health Sudbury & Districts).

For a full listing of downloadable workshop resources, click here. The Can you Feel It? Program manual and video are in French here. If you have questions about any of the resources or how to implement Can You Feel It? in your classroom or school, contact your school public health nurse.

  • Increases student awareness and understanding of stress
  • Helps to build the necessary life skills to manage and cope with stress
  • Encourages discussion about healthy versus unhealthy coping strategies.

Combined with other school-wide and classroom strategies, it can help to promote positive mental health and well-being.

The Can You Feel It? Stress Workshop and Resource Guide supports teachers in meeting the mental health, stress, and resiliency themes found throughout the Ontario Health & Physical Education Curriculum in Strand A: Social-Emotional Learning Skills and Strand D: Healthy Living as it relates to health topics including Mental Health Literacy.

  • Staff to deliver lesson plans in classroom setting.
  • Downloadable workshop components, including the Can You Feel It? Stress Workshop & Resource Guide, available here.

The School Health program offers training for school staff and can support program delivery in schools. During the staff train-the-trainer session, workshop resources will be provided to support the implementation of the program at your school. Resources include: facilitator manual, lesson plans, posters, video, PowerPoint presentation slides, student workbook, relaxation audio tracks, and a toolbox of necessary materials to support various lesson plan activities.

Please contact your School Health public health nurse to request training or to find out when there is a training happening near you!

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