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Psychology Foundation Kids Have Stress Too! Stress Lessons

Programs are designed to provide educators with the awareness, knowledge and skills to help children and youth become more resilient, and healthier by learning to manage stress. With classroom lessons for schools and a range of parent programs available, the program compliments a comprehensive school approach.

  • Kids Have Stress Too!® Kindergarten and Preschool Program:   Provides educators with lessons and engaging activities to help young children learn how to manage stress and support an emotionally-healthy classroom environment.
  • Kids Have Stress Too!® Tools and Activities for Classrooms Grades 1 to 3:  Provides educators with lessons and engaging activities that promote self-regulation and help students develop effective stress-management skills and supporting an emotionally-healthy classroom environment.
  • Stress Lessons® for Grades 4 to 6:  Provides educators with practical, developmentally appropriate, engaging activities for students aged 9 to 12. Stress Lessons is designed to help teach students how to manage stress today, and for the rest of their lives.
  • Stress Lessons® From Stress Out to Chilled Out for Grades 7 to 9:   Provides educators with a student-centred approach to teach stress-management strategies and skills and build emotional resiliency in their students and themselves.
  • Stress Lessons®: Tools for Resilience for Grades 9 to 12:  Provides educators with engaging strategies and tools to help teens develop resilience and positive coping skills.
  • Kids Have Stress Too!® Parent Program:  Delivered by School Health public health nurses, parenting workshops provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to learn about stress in children, their reactions to stress and build skills to help their children cope with stressful experiences.
Kids Have Stress Too! and Stress Lessons help students to discover what stress is and ways to manage stress in a fun and engaging way. Combined with other school-wide and classroom strategies, it can help to promote positive mental health and well-being.

Kids Have Stress Too! and Stress Lessons support mental health, stress, and resiliency themes found throughout the Ontario Health & Physical Education Curriculum in Strand A: Social-Emotional Learning Skills and Strand D: Healthy Living as it relates to health topics including Mental Health Literacy.

  • Staff to deliver lesson plans in classroom setting.
  • The classroom lessons, videos, and activities are all accessible from the Psychology Foundation website Psychology Foundation with facilitator log in. Contact your School Health public health nurse for more information.

For information on parenting workshops or support with implementing lessons, please contact your School Health public health nurse.

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