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Healthy Eating Resources for Secondary Educators

Healthy eating is important for students’ growth and development and helps them learn and perform better. Educators can play an important role in encouraging students to adopt healthy eating habits by providing education to encourage decision-making that supports healthy eating, and by working with their school community to create a supportive healthy eating environment for students.
  • BrightBites –A comprehensive website to help create a healthy school nutrition environment, one bite at a time.
  • School Food and Beverage Policy –Information and resources on the Ministry of Education’s School Food and Beverage Policy that includes nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools.
  • - A searchable site of nutrition topics and subject areas including types of foods, eating patterns and behaviours, chronic disease prevention, food preparation and planning. There is also a section dedicated to School Health.
  • Health Canada:
    • Nutrition Labelling – An interactive tool to educate consumers about nutrition facts tables, % daily value, ingredient lists and nutrition claims
  • The Good Food Machine – Information about how to access a Good Food machine for your school or classroom.
  • Sustain Ontario Edible Education Network - Resources and information to make it easier for people across Ontario to get children and youth eating, growing, cooking, celebrating, and learning about healthy, local and sustainably produced food.
  • Garden, Grow, and Learn Resource (PDF) – Tips, benefits and curriculum links to keep safe and healthy when gardening at school.
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