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Water System Operators

Small drinking water system training

Operators of small drinking water systems are required to have training in drinking water system operations and maintenance under Ontario Regulation 319/08.

Walkerton Clean Water Centre

The Walkerton Clean Water Centre is a recognized training facility that offers a wide variety of training courses for owners and operators of small drinking water systems in Ontario.

Visit their training web page for more information about training courses and important resources that will help you safely operate and maintain your small drinking water system.

Government of Canada Small Systems Training Program

The Government of Canada developed free water quality training materials as part of a multi-barrier approach to providing safe water in areas of federal jurisdiction, including federal lands, in federal facilities and/or First Nations communities. The information provided in this federal training program can also be applied to the safe operation and maintenance of small drinking water systems in Ontario.

Disclaimer:  When accessing this training program, it is important to note that the regulatory information used in the training materials may not be applicable in Ontario. Please refer to the following regulations if you own or operate a small drinking water system in Ontario.

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