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Health Matters - Back Issues

June 2014 E-cigarettes; Rabies; Feeding babies now less complicated; Our last issue

February 2014 A germ-free dip in the local pool; If it’s on the Web, it must be true—right?; The price of eating well; Do pregnancy and alcohol mix?

August 2013 Energy drinks – more buzz than benefit; Keeping your baby close; Happy tummies for children; The dollars and sense of good health

May 2013 Sex and the single senior; Avoid disaster during disasters; Family mealtime; Clearing the air in your apartment

February 2013  Sleep for babies and toddlers; Fostering positive mental health; Walk the talk with your teen; You don’t have to be afraid of meat

November 2012 Chew tobacco gnaws at teens’ health; Food charters take root; You are your own best regulator; The discontent of our winter

September 2012 Let’s get moving; They’re prescription drugs—why the fuss?; Notebooks, pens, new clothes—vaccines; Picking poison ivy—A rash decision

June 2012  When heads take a hit; Gestational weight gain; Dr. Seuss on parenting and mental health; Bug bites that bring disease 

February 2012  One little ion for healthy teeth; From Taboo to Table Talk; Sexual orientation and your child; Create a healthier environment

November 2011 What is  whooping cough?: Healthy kids are better learners; Bed bugs—the everyman pest; Top 10 reasons to handwash

September 2011 Cooking for a mob?; We just need to move more; Blog your way to safe alcohol use; Babies don’t come with a manual

June 2011 Are you being greenwashed?; Screen time — too much?; Healthy eating for healthy learning; Take the bite out of rabies

February 2011 Vaccine records and school children; Think drinking is good for you? Think again; Tobacco is no treat for your baby; When kids start falling ill at school

November 2010 Tuberculosis still a reality; Expanding dental care for local children; Radon—the hidden hazard; Folate—it's role in reproductive health.

August 2010 Become a “locavore” Buy local, fresh food; Driving skills gone to pot?; MMR vaccine controversy finally put to rest; Keeping your child on track at 18 months

June 2010  Broken bones can be avoided; Tobacco-free sports and playing fields; Halt the salt; Needles in the grass

February 2010 Food recalls—Keeping foods from biting you back; Another benefit of breastfeeding; Tipping the scales during pregnancy; Dental services—a valuable help to families

June 2009 Eager to get to  the beach; DHA for moms-to-be; Mercury and fish guidelines; Women’s health—with a preventive twist

March 2009 Tooth decay—filling in the story; Power Outages; Healthy Body Art; The BPA Dilemma

Dec 2008 Holiday Travels; Keep it clean, at pool or spa; Report impaired driving; Is your neighbourhood walkable?

Sept 2008 Caffeine—You and Your Child; Reduce your transfat intake; Turning teens on—the good way; Update your immunization records 

May 2008 Thinking about drinking?—think again!; The new vaccine for grade 8 girls; The emergency contracteptive pill; Bats and the rabies hazard

Feb 2008 Staying smoke free beyond your New Year's resolution; Feeding tips for preschoolers; Is your child warm enough; Time to get the lead out

Nov 2007 Errands can be good for your health; Avoid spreading germs at work; Family-Friendly is more than a slogan; Look Mom - no cavities!

Sept 2007 A school lunch that won’t bounce back; Childcare centres and infections; Balancing your hectic life; Preventing colorectal cancer

May 2007 Your best guide to healthy eating; Parenting—the hardest job you’ll ever do; Outfit your child for day camp; Human papillomavirus

March 2007 Play—just for the fun of it; Is your home safe for your baby?; Violence during pregnancy; Chew tobacco—a new threat

Nov 2006 Cold air’s no reason to make dirty air; Preventing falls around the home; Handwashing—not new but it works; Iron’s importance to babies

Sept 2006 A healthy town— you can make it happen, Your best bet for healthy teeth, The sunshine vitamin, Smokeless tobacco and energy drinks.

May 2006 Protecting Your Head, Breathing is easy, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Simcoe Muskoka Trails.

Feb 2006 A Little Job Training for Parents-To-Be, Air Quality, Childhood Vaccines.

Nov 2005  Kids need their dads, dads need their kids; A planning guide for party hosts;
Sexually transmitted diseases; Planning for a pandemic.

Sept 2005 Hooked any kids on smoking lately?;Exclussive breastfeeding for six months; Pedestrian Safety; Raw milk—a risky alternative.

June 2005 A thriving garden—without pesticides; Protect yourself with a Pap test; Immunization—not only for children; Get a handle on portion sizes

March 2005 Tuberculosis still a reality in Simcoe County; Teeth—a lifetime guarantee needs care; Make activity a priority and reap the benefits; Are you ready for an emergency?

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