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Board of Health Bylaw

Part VI of the Health Protection and Promotion Act 1990, (as amended) establishes the Board of Health as a corporation without share capital. It specifies the composition, legal status and provision of reports to the Minister. A key responsibility of the Board of Health is to pass by-laws respecting the management of property, banking and finance, calling of and proceedings of meetings and the appointment of an auditor.  In addition, the legislation states that the Board may pass by-laws respecting the appointment, duties and removal of officers (other than the MOH) and employees, and the remuneration, pensions and other benefits, and any other matter necessary or advisable for the management of the affairs of the health unit or such services and in such amounts as the Minister may approve

Policy Number

 Name of Policy 

Date of Approval-Most Recent Update

 BOH101Meeting Transparency and Confidentiality February 20, 2019
 BOH102Remote Participation by Directors February 20, 2019
 BOH103Director Code of Conduct February 20, 2019
 BOH104Director Confidentiality  February 20, 2019
 BOH105Conflicts of Interest February 20, 2019
 BOH106Position Description - Director of the Corporation  February 20, 2019
 BOH107Board and Committee Meeting Attendance  February 20, 2019
 BOH108Agenda Setting  February 20, 2019
 BOH109Board Chair and Vice-Chair Selection, Role and Board Spokesperson  February 20, 2019
 BOH110Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Relations February 20, 2019
 BOH111Performance Policy February 20, 2019
 BOH112Director Remuneration and Expenses  February 20, 2019
 BOH113Board Orientation and Continuing Education February 20, 2019
 BOH114Local Health Integration Network Linkages February 20, 2019
 BOH115Stakeholders Relations and Partnership Building February 20, 2019
 BOH116Designation of Senior Leadership Positions February 20, 2019
 BOH117Delegation of Duties of the Medical Officer of Health February 20, 2019
 Financial, Operational, Oversight and Statutory Policies
 BOH118Budget and Expenditure February 20, 2019
 BOH119Banking, Borrowing and Investment February 20, 2019
 BOH120Sale of Other Disposition of Land February 20, 2019
 BOH121Delegation of Authority and Execution of Agreements February 20, 2019
 BOH122Delivery of Programs and Services  February 20, 2019
 BOH123Employee Hiring February 20, 2019
 BOH124Client Service Standard February 20, 2019
 BOH125Risk Management February 20, 2019
 BOH126Privacy and Security, Data Collection and Records Management February 20, 2019
 BOH127Preparation and Delivery Reports and Information February 20, 2019
 BOH128Leasing Policy February 20, 2019

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