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Secondhand Smoke

Protect Your Health and Others - When someone is smoking, others around them must breathe the secondhand smoke the tobacco products produce. While you can usually see and smell smoke in the air, you can't see the more than 4,000 chemicals released, many of which can cause cancers and are harmful to even a developing baby.

Why Tobacco-Free Living is Important - Here are the facts: Smoking is the No. 1 cause of preventable death in Canada. As well as the danger of tobacco users, children are especially vulnerable to secondhand smoke because they breathe more air relative to body weight and as a result absorb more tobacco smoke toxins and their immune systems are less protective.

Smoking and Pregnancy - Smoking during pregnancy increases the risks to your health and to your growing baby's health. The best thing you can do is quit.

Rental and Multi-unit Dwellings - The law does not cover smoking in private residences but it is legal for landlords to convert rental units to smoke free and there is a good business case for it. Tenants too can ask to make a building smoke free to prevent drifting secondhand smoke from entering their multi-unit dwelling.

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