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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fluoride? What is fluoridation? What are the benefits? Is it safe? ... your questions answered

Dispelling Myths

Many inaccurate claims about fluoride's risks are repeated so often they are treated as fact. The Ontario Dental Association debunks some of the common myths about fluoridation with this fact sheet. ...Community Fluoridation: Myths and Facts

Oral Health in Simcoe and Muskoka

In 2006, Canadians spent $9.7 billion on dental care. Health status reports, issued at least once a year, provide compilations of research on various health issues in Simcoe and Muskoka. This report focuses on the dental health of local communities. Among its findings: fluoridated communities do better than non-fluoridated communities. the report

Fluoride discontinued in Tottenham - letter to healthcare providers from the MOH

References and Position Papers

Local, provincial, national and international health organizations outline the science and evidence that shows fluoride works to prevent decay without major impacts on health. the statements and the research


Find out how the health unit has presented its case to municipal council and others. ...see the slide show presentations


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