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Tobacco Industry Tactics

PlainPacksTobacco Companies

Tobacco companies may say that they launch new products and brands because smokers want new cigarettes, but the real reason is because they want new smokers. It's time to freeze the industry's manipulation by making packaging plain and standardized. Check out "Freeze The Industry".




Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco is getting lots of promotion and advertising dollars. The tobacco industry knows that the more people they can get to try smokeless tobacco, which can be used where you can't light up and is often undetected by others (except of course your dentist), the more people they can addict to use all of their tobacco products and that means huge profits. Check out "Smokeless Tobacco Smokescreen".


Have you noticed how many movies your children and young teens are going to see have smoking scenes? Is it an odd coincidence that as smoking rates are dropping, the number of smoking scenes in youth-rated movies are increasing? Sadly, it's no coincidence at all. Tobacco product placement in movies and stars smoking on screen are added to making smoking look glamorous, mysterious, and cool to young and impressionable youth. Check out the following link that goes behind the scenes to expose tobacco companies' efforts to push smoking in the movies.

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