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Tobacco Use Prevention

More than 37,000 Canadians die every year from smoking related diseases. The tobacco industry needs to continually recruit new tobacco users to replace them. With few opportunities to directly market to young people, putting smoking scenes in movies have been proven to be a good way to reach them. It makes smoking look appealing and more acceptable. As a result, the more they see these scenes, the more likely they are to try and become addicted to tobacco. Children and youth-rated movies should be Smoke-Free Movies.

Chew, Dip, Spit Tobacco - If you have tried it, if you are addicted to it, or if you are thinking it must be better than smoking, take a moment to make sure you know what's in your mouth.

E-cigarettes - One of the newest products on the market, e-cigarettes mimic smoking in more ways than one. While they don't burn tobacco, they use heat to vapourize liquids that often include nicotine - the ingredient in tobacco that makes it addictive. Sold in a growing number of stores and kiosks the liquids come in fruit, candy, and other flavours that appeal to young people.

Tobacco Industry Tactics - Tobacco companies may say that they launch new products and brands because smokers want new options, but the real reason is because they want new tobacco users who will quickly become addicted. It's time to change the rules.

Tobacco-Free Sports and Recreation - As local youth head out onto the fields, ice, and pitches to play sports, it's a great time for coaches, parents, and organizations to get involved in making your teams tobacco free.

Hookahs and Waterpipes - There has been an alarming increase in waterpipe use over the past decade in North America. Be aware of the dangers of their use.

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