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Youth Fight Back

Youth Stomp Out Tobacco with their own media

A few years ago we challenged our local youth to create videos that convey messages about the tobacco industry's attempts to hook young adults on their products. The minute-long videos were completed under the supervision of local high school teachers. A panel of judges from the community and health unit decided on the winning entries. Here are some of the winning entries:

Other great videos you'll want to see:

Want to get involved?

Check out iTHINK - It's a media literacy manual written by youth for youth that has interactive ideas to make informed and healthy choices and develop critical thinking skills that will help you score on homework assignments.

whad-a-ya-waitin-for? - Ideas to do your own anti-tobacco events.

Why not take a stand against the tobacco industry and the death products it sells. Become and advocate at your school or in your community be setting up events, creating posters and banners - just about anything to help other students learn more about the tobacco industry and how it works so hard to get them hooked on smoking, chew, spit, or e-cigarettes just so they can make a huge profit.

You're being sucked in by big tobacco - do something about it. Check out these great links:

  • BADvertising - Puts the truth back in advertising. Check out this home of the honest tobacco ads.
  • Truth - The godfather of teen tobacco work - here's where it all started with youth campaign from the USA.
  • Quit4Life - Help to quit or help your friends do it.
  • Smoking Stinks - Quizzes, games, and ideas for your school events and displays.
  • Tobacco-Free Kids - The majority of youth don't smoke, why not join them.
  • Tobacco Industry Tactics - Documents from Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada.
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