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If you've made a quit attempt and haven't been able to stay tobacco free, don't give up. The secret to success - don't quit quitting. To help you stay on track or start you down the road to tobacco-free living, we are highlighting some of the contests, challenges, and interactive conversations you can get involved in to help you break up with tobacco in 2014.

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Contests and Challenges

  • The challenge period is on. Stay tobacco free for the month of March for your chance to win.
  • If you are struggling to stay tobacco free, visit Smokers' for 1-to-1 phone counselling and text support.
  • Prizes to be awarded in April include a 2014 Dodge Avenger or Journey, seven regional $1,000, and more.

Are you one of those people who supply tobacco to youth under 19 because you are being nice?

Take a look at some videos that are funny but truly "bad ways to be nice" and hopefully you will stop and think about it next time before you help someone get their addiction on. Join the conversation with your own take on bad ways to be nice by creating a meme then post it to the site.

You don't call yourself a smoker because you only do it at parties, but research shows 2/3 of young people who finish just one cigarette will become daily smokers.

Join the conversation about social nibbling, social farting, and social ear wax picking and connect the dots about social smoking. Visit the 'Videos' tab to see just how ridiculous this "social" behaviour is and to have a good laugh.

Page Last Modified: Thursday, 06 March 2014.