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Well Construction

Generally, any well should be sound and intact with tight fitting caps. Dug wells in particular should be checked for cracks in the concrete casing and lid where rain or snow melt may wash residue into the well.

Wells may also be protected from minor flooding by mounding heavy soil around the casing to keep standing water from laying against it, by digging swales around the well to divert running water or, in extreme circumstances, by relocating a well if it can't be protected.

The construction of new wells and closing of unused wells is governed by the Ministry of Environment. The legislation can be found at the following link:

  • e-Laws
  • then click on Consolidated Law, (Statutes and associated Regulations),
  • then click the + sign beside O
  • then click the + sign beside Ontario Water Resources Act
  • then click on WELLS - RRO 1990, Reg. 903

For more information visit Well Aware www.wellaware.ca

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