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Safe Water

Pete Pettersen Park Beach

‚Äč159 Marina Park Avenue, Midland
2018 Inspection History
StatusDateInspection Type
Beach is openSep 03Routine
Beach has an advisoryAug 28Routine
Beach has an advisoryAug 23Routine
Beach has an advisoryAug 22Follow-Up
Beach has an advisoryAug 16Routine
Beach has an advisoryAug 14Follow-Up
Beach has an advisoryAug 09Routine
Beach is openAug 02Routine
Beach has an advisoryJul 31Follow-Up
Beach has an advisoryJul 26Routine
Beach is openJul 19Routine
Beach is openJul 12Routine
Beach is openJul 10Routine
Beach has an advisoryJul 06Routine
Beach is openJun 28Follow-Up
Beach is openJun 28Routine
Beach has an advisoryJun 22Routine
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