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Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs - talking to your teen

Did you know that parental disapproval is the number one reason why teens choose not to drink…or use tobacco…or use other drugs? Because the teen brain is still developing, it is especially susceptible to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Alcohol, marijuana and prescription medications are the mostly commonly used/misused drugs by teens.

Talking to your kids about alcohol and other drugs might seem a bit awkward at first, but there is information that might make it easier.

Watch this video:

Factors That Put Teens at Risk for Drug and Alcohol Use


Drugs Free Kids Canada  

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Health Canada - How to Talk With Your Teen About Drugs- Communication Tips for Parents 

Health Canada - Help Prevent Drug Use by Your Teen: Tips on Developing Their Resiliency  

Here to Help - Cannabis Use and Youth: A Parent’s Guide (ideas/strategies can be applied to any drug)


Help and Support:

Canadian Mental Health Association Simcoe  Muskoka

Mental Health and Addiction Services for Youth Simcoe Muskoka

Connex Ontario

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