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Alcohol, tobacco and medicine - talking to your child

Drug use is part of everyday life, and sometimes we forget that products like cough syrup, over-the-counter and prescription pain medication, alcohol and tobacco are drugs. Our children learn about drugs in school, from other kids, on television, and on-line, but did you know that you are your children's most important teacher? Your words and actions help shape your kids ideas about alcohol and other drugs.                       

Parents can teach their children the tools to prepare for and respond to pressures and influences to use drugs. As a parent, you are a role model for your children. You know your kids better than anyone else. You can encourage them to think critically and help them understand the importance of being careful about what they put into their bodies.


Kids and Drugs: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention (PDF 475 KB)


Drugs Free Kids Canada  

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids


Help and Support:

Mental Health and Addiction Services for Youth Simcoe /Muskoka

Connex Ontario

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