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Pregnancy and Before

Weight Gain during Pregnancy

Did you know that gaining a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy (as recommended by your health care provider) may:

  • Reduce the risk of complications in pregnancy and during delivery
  • Make it easier for you to return to the weight you were before you became pregnant
  • Give your baby a better chance of being born at a healthy weight
  • Reduce your baby's risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life

Many women wonder how much weight they should expect to gain, and how quickly. The answers to these questions depend on your Body Mass Index (BMI) before you became pregnant.  To find out what your BMI was before you became pregnant, and find out how much weight gain is recommended for you, visit:

Health Canada – Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

As part of a healthy pregnancy, every woman should talk to her health care provider about:

 Ask your health care provider about referring you to a Registered Dietitian and/or other sources of support in your community.

  • If your BMI indicates that you are underweight or overweight/obese when you became pregnant;
  • If you are expecting more than one baby;
  • If you need more support to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Gaining weight is a normal part of a healthy pregnancy.  By making healthy food choices and staying (or becoming) active during your pregnancy you are more likely to gain the amount of weight that is healthy for you and your baby.

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