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Physical Activity

Footwear & Clothing

Footwear & Clothing:

Choose the right walking shoes.  When you walk, your feet hit the ground more than 1,000 times each kilometre, so comfortable socks and well-designed walking or jogging shoes are a must.  Shop for walking shoes at the end of the day, when your feet may be slightly swollen.  Try on both shoes and walk around in the store before buying them.

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing made of soft fabrics such as cotton, wool or breathable nylon.  In cold weather, be aware of the wind-chill factor.  Dress in layers so you can peel off or put on according to how warm you feel.  Wear mittens and a toque to cover your head and ears.

Prepare to be sun safe when walking outdoors by putting on sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.

Click here (PDF) for more information about appropriate footwear and clothing from the Physical Activity Resource Centre.

Source: Ministry of Health & Long Term Care

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