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Physical Activity

Parks & Playgrounds

Parks and playgrounds play an important role in promoting physical activity and health.  Communities with more parks and more total park acreage have higher levels of physical activity. 16166229 -Istock

  • Parks can shape active lifestyles across a variety of populations.
  • People who live closer to parks tend to be more physically active.
  • Park conditions, maintenance, policies and programs can influence park use and physical activity levels.
  • Within parks, people tend to be more physically active on trails, at playgrounds and at sports facilities.
  • Organized park programs and supervision may increase use of parks and playgrounds and may increase physical activity, particularly among youth.

Source: Active Living Research

Ideas for Parents and Caregivers

  • Learn more about 18 ways to get kids to go outside from Active for Life.
  • is an online tool to help parents and caregivers gain the confidence to allow their kids to engage in more outdoor play. It includes a journey map and frequently asked questions about outdoor risky play.
  • Have a Ball Together! (PDF) - Outdoor activity ideas for all seasons. 

Click for information on playground safety

It’s also important to remember sun safety when being active outdoors.

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