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Sex After Baby

One of the most common questions after the birth of baby is, “When can we have sex again?” The physical energy, schedule changes, personal worries, changes in personal body image and time that it takes to care for a baby, can all affect your sex life. Sometimes desire and energy don’t match up, due to the demands of being a parent. Talk to about any concerns and explore other ways of being intimate.

When a couple is ready to resume sexual intercourse:

  • Wait until any stitches have healed and there is no more vaginal bleeding
  • Consider using a water-soluble lubricant for vaginal dryness
  • Consider wearing nursing pads and a bra for leaking breasts
  • Consider trying different positions

    Consider choosing a different time, like when baby is less likely to wake up or you are feeling more rested

  • Consider waiting a little longer if you can’t get in the mood

It is recommended that pregnancies be at least 18 months apart to help reduce problems such as preterm birth and low birth weights. If you are having sexual intercourse and don’t want to get pregnant right away, use birth control even if you are breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding and Birth Control (PDF 571 KB)

Birth Control Fact Sheets

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