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Injury Prevention


Information for Motorists

Cyclists are more vulnerable road users than motorists. They are smaller, quieter, and have no "crumple zone". A small mistake by a motorist can result in serious injury or death to a cyclist. Motorists must respect the rights of other road users including cyclists.

Pass with Care

  • Treat a cyclist as you would any slow moving vehicle. Pass only when the road ahead is clear.
  • Slow down when passing, especially if the road is narrow.
  • Give at least one metre of space between you and a cyclist when passing.
  • Check over your shoulder before moving back into your travel lane to make sure you have left enough space.

Yield to Cyclists

  • When turning left, yield to oncoming cyclists. Experienced cyclists can travel 30 to 40 km/hr and can be moving faster than you think.
  • Do not make a right hand turn in front of cyclists. Assume they are travelling through unless they signal otherwise.

Watch for Cyclists

  • Expect to see cyclists on roads. Cyclists may ride one metre from the edge, but can occupy any part of a lane if safety warrants e.g. to avoid obstacles, to turn left, or if the lane isn't wide enough for a motorist to safely pass.
  • Check for cyclists before opening your car door.
  • Children on bicycles are often unpredictable. Expect the unexpected and drive with caution.

Don't honk your horn - it can startle cyclists and cause them to swerve into traffic.

Check out the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website for more information on sharing the road with cyclists.


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