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Injury Prevention

Share the Road

Summer is in the air. For many this means time to tune up the bicycle and hit the local trails and roadways. Whenever possible, switching from a motor vehicle to a bicycle for shorter trips to work, school, shopping and so forth is not only great for your health and wellbeing, it is great for the environment too! But whether you're riding for fun or commuting to work on two wheels, safety is your first priority.

Bicycles are considered vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) - they have the same rights and responsibilities as other motor vehicles. That means that those riding them - cyclists - must obey the rules of the road too. This is not just the law, it's common sense. When bikes follow the same rules as cars, the roads become safer and more predictable for everyone.

As cycling becomes a more popular mode of transportation in our communities, we are going to see more cyclists on the road. Cyclists and drivers of motor vehicles must share the road safely to reduce the frequency and severity of preventable injuries. For tips on cycling safety for cyclists and drivers of motor vehicles, see information for cyclists and information for motorists.


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