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Injury Prevention

Young Drivers

ZERO Alcohol for Drivers 21 Years of Age and Under

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death and injury to teens and young adults. The involvement of young drivers (15 to 24 years) in serious road crashes vastly outweighs their representation in the driving population.

Young drivers make up 13 per cent of the licensed driving population, but account for nearly one-quarter (25 per cent) of all motor vehicle deaths and injuries, largely due to lack of experience and risk-taking behaviours (e.g. drinking and driving, lack of seat belt use, and speeding).

August 1, 2010, a new law was put in place directed at young drivers. Making Ontario's Roads Safer, intended to decrease the number of motor vehicle deaths and injuries, requires all drivers 21 years of age and younger to have a zero blood alcohol level when behind the wheel. In addition, there are changes to the Ontario's Graduated Licensing System.

Although this law targets those 21 years of age and under, there is a message here for everyone! Perhaps it is time for Ontario to follow Europe's lead - zero tolerance for drinking and driving for anyone. This would mean no guessing your breathalyzer limit. It's simple, no matter how old you are...don't drink and drive!

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