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Injury Prevention

Caregiver on-line course

Logo: Two large hands holding an older man and woman figures with a roof over their heads.  Hearts are coming out of the chimney. The words say: Positive Steps Work: A fall prevention course

Positive Steps Work is an interactive and free fall prevention e-course designed for care providers working with older adults (seniors) in their homes.  Positive Steps Work e-course can be used to support personal support worker education programs, orientation and staff training in homecare agencies, training for senior volunteer programs and for individuals supporting older adults in their home. 

Developed with input from key community stakeholders, this evidence-based e-course will help care providers to:  

• know how a fall affects seniors, their family and the healthcare system; 
• recognize the broad range of risks that can lead to a fall; 
• be equipped with strategies , tools and resources to prevent a fall; 
• understand and value seniors’ point of view about fall prevention and health

Positive Steps Work is designed to work on any device, at any time and from any location with internet access. This e-course is designed to meet the needs of adult learners and allows learners to work at their own pace; stopping the course when needed and returning when time permits.  Learners will receive a certificate of completion once they have successfully completed the e-course. 

Take the course! PositiveStepsWork 


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