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Winter Sports

“Be Active Be Safe”

Winter offers many wonderful opportunities for outdoor play in the snow and ice. Participating in winter sports is a great way for families and children to have fun together and stay healthy. Follow this link to learn about how to keep kids safe.  

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are popular winter sports, yet each year, children and adults are injured and sometimes the injuries are very serious. Read on to find out how you can teach your children to be safe on the slopes.

  • Wear a helmet - Wearing an all sport helmet reduces the risk and seriousness of certain head injuries. though it should not encourage you to take more risks. The best protection against injury is being trained wearing the gear, knowing and respecting your limits and the Mountain Code of Conduct and Alpine Responsibility Code. The golden rule is knowledge and control!
  • Buy a helmet that meets industry standards. Currently in Canada there's no law on safety regulations for ski or snowboard headgear, so it is very important to make sure that helmets are certified by an international standards organization (CEN, ASTM, Snell and RS-98). Be sure to review product literature for the helmet to find out which standard the helmet meets.
  • Please visit SKICANADA.ORG to learn more about keeping your kids safe when out on the hills this winter.
Concussion - The Invisible Injury 

  • A concussion is an injury to the brain, caused by a direct or indirect hit to the head or body.
  • A key strategy is to understand the nature of concussion, how to recognize a concussion, and how to properly manage a safe and healthy return to play and learn.
  • Click the following link for more information on Concussions.

Is your child involved in hockey?

Check out the ThinkFirst Smart Hockey video, which provides information about preventing injury and raises awareness about concussion on the ice.

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