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“Injuries are Predictable and Preventable”


  • Falls are the leading cause of injury for children.
  • Children fall from furniture and stairs most often, in addition to falling through windows.
  • The good news is that like many other injuries, falls are preventable.
  • Babies' heads are large compared to the rest of their body. This affects their balance and makes them more vulnerable to falls. Also, as babies can wiggle, kick and roll, they can fall from high surfaces, such as change tables, cribs, high chairs or counters. Falls can cause serious injuries.

Did You Know:

  • Falls often happen at home when:
    • the caregiver is not within sight of the child
    • there is no gate on the stairs
    • windows are left open, and other furniture is easy to climb
  • Babies’ heads are large compared to the rest of their bodies. This affects their balance and makes them more prone to falling.
  • Children often get injured when they are just learning a new skill (such as walking, or if a bit older learning to ride a bike, scooter, snowboard etc.)

What Can I Do?

  • Stay a step ahead of childhood falls. Kids need to explore to learn but need supervision when learning a new skill. Kids are unpredictable. Serious injuries don't have to be.
  • Keep one hand on your child while they’re on the change table.
  • Place car seats, carriers and infant seats on the floor.
  • Secure furniture and remove table cloths as soon as your baby begins to move around on their own.
  • Bolt safety gates to the wall at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Non-slip foot wear for toddlers and young children can help prevent falls.
  • Skill building and family rules help a child safely learn as they grow. Ensure they are wearing the proper safety equipment (i.e. a helmet) and offer them training as appropriate (i.e. snow board lessons).

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