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Home Safety

“Injuries are Predictable and Preventable”


Each year, more than 20,000 children are seen in emergency departments across Canada with injuries that occurred at home. This means that every day, approximately 60 young children suffer injuries in the home serious enough to be taken to the hospital. (Parachute, 2014)

Did You Know?

  • Most injuries to young children occur in their homes.
  • Injuries in the home are most often caused by falls, burns, poisoning, choking, strangulation and drowning.
  • Home injuries can be prevented.

What Can I Do?

Most home injuries can be prevented by watching your young child closely and by teaching children at a young age about safety in the home.

For more information on home safety and creating a child-friendly home visit Parachute’s Home Safety Pages.

At about age 3, children can begin to learn how to make their home safer. Visit Niagara Region's EB Monkey Safety House where children can travel with EB Monkey to every room looking for things that could hurt EB or his family.


Monkey in my houseAnother way to get your child involved in staying safe at home is by reading along with your child 'There's a Monkey in My House'. This is a great story about a boy named Jack and a little monkey who have a home safety adventure. There's a lot to learn and many home dangers to spot and fix along the way. Meet Jack the monkey! 

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