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Using Car Seats Right

You can use your car seat safely by following the vehicle owner’s manual and the instructions for your car seat!

Your child is buckled up in the car seat right when:

  • The chest clip is at armpit level
  • Shoulder harness straps are snug - 1 finger can fit between the collar bone and harness
  • Shoulder straps come from the back of the car seat through the correct slot
  • Harness straps lie flat
  • No extra clothing, blankets or anything else under or behind, so the harness stays snug
  • Rolled receiving blankets are supporting sides of newborn’s head and body to keep proper position (helps with breathing and swallowing)

Your car seat is installed in your vehicle right when:

  • Holding it where the seat belt or UAS goes, you cannot move it more than 1” from side to side or front to back
  • If using the seat belt, you have locked the seat belt system to hold the car seat tight (see vehicle owner’s manual)
  • It is adjusted to the proper recline
    • rear-facing to 45° (may require the addition of a pool noodle)
    • forward-facing (check instructions)
  • Tether strap (for forward-facing) is anchored and tight
  • Carrying handle (for rear-facing infant seat) is in the correct position
  • There is nothing loose in the vehicle that could become a projectile in a crash

Check that it’s done right before every trip to…Make Every Ride a Safe Ride.

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