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Grade 8 Immunization Program - Voluntary

  •  Grade 8 girls are offered the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV)
  • This is a voluntary program
  • Given as a series (3 doses = a series)
  • Vaccines are given at school based clinics during the year
  • This vaccine is free for grade 8 girls if given by the health unit
  • Consent form needs to be signed and returned to the school before the clinic date whether or not the child is getting the vaccines
  • Students should wear short sleeves on the day of clinic and eat breakfast or bring a snack to school
  • Dates of clinics are not advertised and may change because of weather or other school commitments
  • Your school will know the possible dates for the year
  • If your child misses a school clinic there will be a chance to complete the vaccine missed either at another school clinic or at the health unit


Other HPV information

This vaccine is also approved and recommended for females aged 9 to 45 and for males aged 9-26 for a fee of approximately $135.00 a dose (3 doses are needed)

  • Some health plans may cover the cost of the vaccine, contact your provider  (DIN: 02283190)
  • This vaccine is available by prescription through your health care provider
  • The health unit also sells this vaccine, for those who do not qualify for the free vaccine, you will need to call and make an appointment

Parent Letter: English; French

Fact Sheet:  HPV (English); HPV (French)

Consent: HPV (English); HPV (French)

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