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What is an immunization record?

  • Yellow cards are available through the health unit or your doctor’s office
  • Your/your child’s immunization history may be needed for school, work, or during an outbreak of disease in your community
  • Bring to all immunization appointments
  • Keep up to date and in a safe place
  • Report any updates to the health unit through immsonline
Yellow Immunization Card


Why is an immunization record important?

Physicians do not provide the health unit with immunization information. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to provide immunization records for all school children to the local public health unit.

The Yellow Card is needed when:

  • starting day nursery or school
  • transferring to a school in another area
  • going to camp
  • starting university, college or a job
  • receiving emergency health care
  • travelling to other countries.

Don't forget to update the health unit when your child gets an immunization.

What is the health unit’s role with immunization records?

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit:

  • keeps immunization records for all elementary and high school students, child care attendees, and for any immunizations given to any individual at health unit clinics
  • stores records on file for 10 years after the last documented activity on the record, or until 10 years past a student’s 18th birthday.
  • provides copies of records to individuals, physicians, and most other places upon the request of the individual to whom the record belongs
  • implements surveillance activities in accordance with the Immunization of School Pupils Act to ensure all students in the area meet the requirements for immunization and school attendance under the law
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