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Bed Bugs

Preventing and Managing Bed Bugs 

In recent years, bed bugs have re-emerged as a common pest that can cause a great deal of stress to the people affected by them. Anyone anywhere can be affected by bed bugs.  Although clutter can provide more places for bed bugs to hide, they are not related to cleanliness. Bed bugs can enter any home by “hitchhiking” on clothing and bags, or second-hand furniture or electronics. They can also enter from neighbouring units by crawling through cracks or any holes in the wall.

Homeowners who think they have bed bugs should verify with a pest control professional that the infestation is indeed bed bugs. Tenants who think they may have bed bugs should contact their landlord who can have a licensed pest control company identify the insect. 

For more information on how to identify, manage, and prevent bed bugs, follow the links below: 

To learn more about bed bugs visit the Government of Canada’s website. You can find accurate information and simple, easy-to-use tips to help combat and prevent infestations.

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