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Noxious Plants

  • Noxious Weeds in Ontario - Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.
  • Giant Hogweed - If you come into contact with giant hogweed, wash affected area immediately, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and seek medical advice. Best Management Practices Ontario Guide.
  • Poison Ivy - All part of the poison ivy plant, including the roots, contain the poisonous resin urushiol. Contact with any broken part of the plant and becoming exposed to the sap may cause a reaction. Wash any areas of your skin you think may have come in contact with poison ivy with soap and cold water.
  • Wild Parsnip - Similar to Giant Hogweed, Wild Parsnip is also given the name poison parsnip because of the toxic sap that causes skin burns if skin exposed to sap is then exposed to direct sunlight.

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