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Smog Advisory Today?

Wondering what the air quality is like in your area so you can get out and enjoy an outdoor activity or two? Check the Ministry of Environment for your current local air quality forecast.

Has there been a Smog Advisory has been issued for your area? What does that mean?

A smog advisory is intended to:

  • caution people with breathing difficulties to avoid unnecessary exposure to smog
  • suggest to major pollution sources that they should consider reducing their emissions, if possible  
  • and solicit everyone's help in lessening the problem by curtailing activities that produce smog.

Those who are more vulnerable to the health effects of smog include childrenseniors and those with heart disease or lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis.


There are precautions you can take when a smog advisory has been issued by the Ministry of Environment

  • Avoid being outside around high traffic areas and during rush hour to reduce your exposure to smog.
  • Take lots of rest breaks in the shade and drink plenty of fluids when you are outside.
  • Reduce your contribution to smog by conserving energy, reducing your car use, and using air friendly products (avoid aerosol sprays and cleaners).

  • Reschedule strenuous outside work or exercise until advisory is over. 

Click the following link to see the latest outdoor air quality report for Simcoe Muskoka Air Quality in Simcoe Muskoka


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