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A healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating, daily physical activity, being sun safe, and regular cancer screening.  In addition to the lifestyle choices you make, your health is also shaped by the kind of environment you and your family live, work, learn and play in as well as the policies that impact your daily life. Being involved in your community and speaking out for changes that will make your community a healthy place to live can also make a difference in your health and the overall health of your community.

Regular cancer screening is an important way to maintain the good health you currently enjoy and reduce your risk of cancer.  

Regular cancer screening saves lives!  Cancer screening tests can find cancer early before you have symptoms or it has a chance to grow.

Ontario's screening programs offer people with no cancer symptoms in certain groups the chance to get regularly tested, or screened, for three types of cancer:  breast cancer, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer.  Cancer Care Ontario Screening

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit works with many community groups and organizations towards building healthier communities.  Check out our pages on Healthy Eating, Physical ActivityTobacco Use , and Sun Safety for information to help you build a lifetime of good health. 

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