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Expressing Breastmilk

Learning to express breastmilk is an important skill for all mothers.

Expressing breastmilk allows you to:

  • Give baby a taste of milk to keep them interested in latching.
  • Soften the areola to allow your baby to get latched
  • Lessen the discomfort of overfull breasts
  • Collect and store milk to feed your baby when you cannot be with her.
  • Prevent soreness by allowing you to gently rub a few drops of milk onto your nipples.

In the early days, you may only get drops of colostrum each time you express.  Your newborn’s tummy is small, so a few drops are perfect. Hand express your breastmilk early and often, even when breastfeeding is going well.

Women can express breast milk by hand, which can be done anywhere without the cost of a breast pump. Here are 7 steps to hand expression.

Videos for Hand Expression:

You may need to express and store breastmilk to feed your baby for different reasons. Some women express their milk using an electric or manual pump.

Click for more information on Expressing and Storing Your Breastmilk.


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