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Supporting A Parent's Feeding Decision

important roleMost families decide how they will feed their child before they become pregnant or very early in the pregnancy. There is a lot of information for parents to consider and many places to learn about what they need to make this decision.  

The current recommendations for feeding infants and toddlers may be different from what you were taught when you were having your babies. As you support the new parents you may find it helpful to know some of the up-to-date information they are learning. Your loving encouragement and listening ear makes a difference! 

Click on the topics below for ways to help parents-to-be as they learn about feeding their child.

Encourage parents-to-be to ask a trusted health care professional for up-to-date information about feeding their child.  When parents understand the current recommendations about infant feeding and are able to talk about the information they learn, they can feel confident making an informed decision.

Click for a map of prenatal & breastfeeding services that are available in Simcoe Muskoka.
When it comes to deciding how they will feed their child, parents-to–be may have a range of feelings. You can offer a listening ear if the new parents want to talk about what they are learning.  Tell them they are doing a good job and praise them for wanting to make healthy choices for their child. 
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