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Signs My Grandchild Is Hungry


It is now recommended that mothers breastfeed anytime baby shows interest in eating and not to wait until baby is crying. In the early months it is normal for your grandchild to breastfeed often, this means eight or more times in 24 hours.

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A: Baby will say "I'm Hungry" with signs, called Feeding Cues. Early feeding cues are small movements that happen even while baby is asleep. Look for your grandchild to stir, turn their head to the side and open their mouth. Notice how your grandchild is able to latch and drink calmly when mom offers the breast at baby’s first signs of hunger.
A: When you spend time with your grandchild remember to watch for the early feeding cues.  As soon as you notice the small movements meaning “I’m hungry,” bring baby to your daughter/in law so she can decide if it is time to breastfeed while baby is still calm and quiet.
A: If baby is crying and upset they will need to be soothed until they are calm enough to breastfeed. Most babies will settle quickly with their mother, especially if they are placed skin-to-skin. If your daughter/in law asks you to help, you might offer to calm the baby by rocking, singing, cuddling or holding them skin-to-skin.
A: In the early days your daughter/in law is getting to know her baby. Mom and baby need to spend a lot of time together to learn about baby’s signs of hunger and feeding patterns. You can encourage and praise her efforts as she is learning these new skills. When you spend time with your grandchild, watch for the early signs of hunger and when you see them let mom know so baby can breastfed.  
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