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Make A Difference

  Make a Difference  


Part of the reason Thirst  exists is to encourage us to become aware of our motives for drinking and to be conscious of what influences our consumption.

Individual choices matter and can influence our collective mindset. We are hoping that more people (like you) will join in conversations that can influence our culture and our future. You can do so by expressing your thoughts and ideas online, and through other media.    


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Stories about the issues surrounding alcohol are being told every day. You can help make a difference simply by knowing what’s going on and getting involved. Some of the topics surrounding alcohol include:

  • Price
    Do the profits from alcohol cover the social costs? Could we (or should we) include a tax to cover the real costs? Does price impact how much alcohol you purchase and/or drink?

  • Locations and Hours of Service
    Recent changes have increased the number of locations where you can buy alcohol. Existing stores provide a wide selection of products with staff training, but the network of locations keeps growing. Does this matter to you?

  • Drinking Environment
    Staff training and the attitude of a bar or restaurant owner affects how people behave inside licensed establishments. Liquor laws are there to protect you – do you feel safe when you go out to drink? Do you mostly drink at home? Why do you go where you go?

  • Impaired Driving
    Efforts to reduce impaired driving are working:
    • random breath testing, checkpoints;
    • blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits;
    • graduated licensing; and
    • license suspensions.

Although drinking and driving has been reduced, it remains a problem. Have you been affected by this issue?

  • Marketing & Advertising
    Alcohol marketing reaches into our lives. When young people are exposed to these images and commercials, it speeds the onset and amount of their drinking. This industry is working very hard to glamourize alcohol. Do you have adolescents experimenting with drinking alcohol?

  • Education
    Educational campaigns are out there trying to get you to think. It’s very hard to compete with a multi-billion dollar industry selling exciting lifestyles that involve consuming alcohol. Are your children receiving education to teach them about alcohol? Does it help?

  • Screening by Health Care Providers
    Screening for at-risk drinkers has been shown to be effective. However, many professionals may lack the time or training. Has your doctor talked to you about your drinking behaviour? How did it make you feel? Did it make a difference?
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