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  Join the Conversation  


A How to Guide

The Booze News is a compilation of recent articles from media channels you may recognize:

These articles address some aspects of alcohol in our society or culture. They also contain commentary or feedback from readers. Additionally, we’ll post our own thoughts about these articles.

Some of the topics include:

  • The LCBO, the Beer Store or wine outlets
  • Changes to the way alcohol is sold, or made available
  • Alcohol-related laws, taxes or policies
  • Social forces and financial politics that affect alcohol
  • Alcohol advertising, marketing or cultural influence
  • Anything else we think is worth reading

What can YOU do?
Read the articles, search the commentary, have your say, get involved. You don’t have to agree with us or anyone else. Alcohol culture can only evolve when people join the conversation.

How to do it:

  1. Go back one step to the Booze News main page and take a look at the articles in the bottom section. The most recent articles are on the top, the least recent are on the bottom. Click on one that looks interesting.
  2. Read the commentary section to see what other people are saying about alcohol.
  3. Type in your own thoughts and ideas, and submit. It’s that simple.


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