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Who's Watching Me…..

  Who's Watching Me?  


If you have your own kids or have cared for someone else’s, you may have experienced an unexpected moment where a child spontaneously mimics your actions or words. Did it make you think: ‘did I really do or say that’?

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Young people in our lives watch us. They may watch us when we drink, seeing how we behave. They might overhear our conversations as we drink. As they experience this behavior, they understand our nature and our values. We have to ask ourselves what it is we really want them to learn.


Think about how you act and what you do when you drink. Are you hiding the full truth of alcohol from your children – do they only see one side of the story?

Think about your influence: “Your child will become who you are; so be who you want them to be” – David Bly



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