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Saying No Thanks

  Saying "No Thanks"  


No thanks, I'm....(trying to think of an excuse not to drink alcohol).

Not drinking can sometimes be very challenging. Often there is pressure to join a group in drinking as they collectively socialize, or engage in a common activity. To be part of the scene, we often give in to such social pressure.

Yet, when we refuse an offer of alcohol, sometimes our motives or sense of willingness to participate can be questioned. Why don’t we think that is strange? If you were at a luncheon, and you were offered a sandwich, would anyone think you weren’t part of the group if you said ‘No’?

Just because you’ve politely declined alcohol does not mean anything is wrong with your social skills, your friendships or your choices. Still, it must be hard for people to say ‘No Thanks’ if websites are needed to offer tips and tools on how to say 'No'.


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Do you have any great comebacks for those occasions when you are choosing not to drink? Here are some examples:

  • “I’m allergic to alcohol, I break out in handcuffs”.
  • “When I drink, everyone around me gets really sensitive".

Feel free to share your own comebacks with us!

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