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Sex Matters

  Sex Matters  


When it comes to alcohol consumption, men and women are not the same. Historically, men have been more serious drinkers and women were (and still are) more likely to be abstainers. However, recent studies indicate that females are a fast growing market for alcohol.

In part, marketers are giving women more female-specific products. Also, our cultural attitudes are changing. Examples of marketing specific to women include brands of wine built on sensitivity to weight gain and brands with feminine imagery.




Women are more physically sensitive to alcohol for several reasons. When consuming equal amounts of alcohol compared to men, women become more intoxicated. The Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines have been designed with that in mind.

Questions for All of Us

Considering that the alcohol industry is working so hard to affect women and their drinking behaviour, perhaps it would be helpful for us to consider the following questions:

  • Do women feel pressure to consume the same amounts of alcohol as men, or ‘keep up’ in certain social/drinking situations?
  • Why does the alcohol industry consider women a ‘target market?’
  • Have we thought about why we drink, and if it’s the best choice for ourselves and our family? Talk to a friend or family member about what you think.

When it Comes to Alcohol Zero Matters

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