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Thanksgiving and safe food preparation

Nothing says Thanksgiving like the traditional turkey dinner. Make sure that turkey dinner is memorable for all the right reasons by preparing your bird properly.

Here are a few simple graphic tips to help you prepare a meal that leaves nothing more than full stomachs and smiles on the faces of your family.







Separate raw meats from other food

Clean your food handling surfaces and tools

Cook food to a safe temperature

Chill leftovers properly

And just to make sure you've followed all the steps you need, print out our Be Food Safe Checklist and stick it on the fridge as a reminder.

No guilt post-feast

A Thanksgiving feast can lead to guilt afterwards – and a waistline that doesn’t feel the same as it did a few days earlier. Jump to our Eat Well page where you can find help to begin thinking how you can bring moderation into your holiday meal.

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