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Immunization - Important for All Generations

people celebrate Immunization Week

National Immunization Awareness Week is about raising awareness around the importance of immunizations for all ages.

Newborns: Does my baby need all these shots?

Yes, although babies have strong immune systems which can protect against many germs, there are some germs that they cannot fight which puts them at risk.  Vaccines protect babies from these germs. Click here for a parent guide to immunization.

Teens: Know that you are growing up and making decisions for yourself. 

One way to protect your health is to keep your shots up to date. You still need immunizations and here are the common ones that teens should get: Hepatitis B, Meningococcal conjugate ACWY-135, Tdap, HPV and Influenza. For more on vaccines for young adults.

Adults/Seniors: Not Just for Kids!

It’s important at any age to get your shots!  Immunization provides the most effective protection against disease.  As adults we require boosters to maintain immunity for life long protection. What boosters do you need?

Immunization Schedule:  Is it important to follow the Ontario publicly funded immunization schedule?

Yes, vaccination protects you from many diseases.  Almost all disease are spread from person to person and can cause serious complication or even death.  Giving vaccinated on time gives you protection and able to stay healthy.  Here's the immunization schedule.

Sharing immunization records: Is it important to share immunization records to the Health Unit?

Yes, sharing your child’s immunization record with your health unit is required, to ensure everyone is protected.

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