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Hazards in the grass

Found Needle
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With the warm weather, adults are cleaning their yards and children are beginning to play outdoors in parks and other public places. It’s an exciting time, but the melting snow may reveal some unexpected and unwelcome surprises. On rare occasions needles and other injection equipment can end up discarded and hidden by the winter’s snow which can put adults and children potentially at risk for a needle-stick.

Children should never touch a discarded needle, but show an adult where it is.

“If it’s not yours,
don’t touch.”

What to do if you find a needle(s)?

DO… Find a hard plastic container with a lid and put it on a flat surface (e.g. bleach or peanut butter container). Do not hold the container.

DO… Wear gloves or use tongs to pick up the needle. Put the needle (sharp end pointing down) into the container.

DO… Tighten the lid on the container.

DO… Wash your hands with soap and water right after.

DO… Take the container to your local health unit office or household hazardous waste disposal site.

Don’t… Try to remove, bend, break or recap the needle.

Don’t… Flush sharps down the toilet or throw them in the garbage or recycling box
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